Big Dreams Require Small Steps

IMG_20170627_202411_944“So, what exactly is your dream?”

“I want to tell stories that make my readers brave and inspired. I want to house these stories in novels that have beautiful pages and covers, infusing art and emotion into the physical book. I want to give workshops about how I do this and how others can successfully write and publish. And in a few years, I want to start making my beautiful books into films.””Don’t you think that’s a little big for one lifetime?”

“Don’t you think that’s a little big for one lifetime?”

“I’m very aware of that, that I’m trying to pack four different dreams into one lifetime. But I still want to write beautiful books and make them into films. I like teaching and networking and the workshops will let me have an income to put forth for the dreams as well as getting out of my big house in my little town. So I just have to figure out where to start and get started.”

“How are you going to do this???”

“…… I don’t know.”

This conversation didn’t happen between me and another person. This conversation has been swirling around my head. It began today when I got online to order another batch of “Swing” to sell and realized I never finished uploading the new files to the printer last year because I got home, started the Luther Tour and the Library job and never got a chance to look back. Which led me down the road of figuring out if now would be a good time to switch printers, and if so, do I go mainstream and easy, or sustainable and ethical,  or go ahead and find a printer that can eventually create the kinds of luxury novels I want to create?

I also was invited to do another talk about Ever Ink, which makes me realize I need to work on developing the new plans. But what comes first? Research and creating the talks? Setting up a streamlined publishing plan so when I finish Sentarra, I’m not delayed putting it into production? And right now it seems it’s all I can keep up with to get my hair brushed before I go to work and write a page of Sentarra in a tiny journal before I leave in the morning or go to sleep at night because I slept until 8:00 and missed the morning.

I came home full of ideas that I’d organize and clean one room in the house (read, my bedroom) and then work on my business plan.  And I did work on both before getting overwhelmed. Then realized. I need an idea of where I’m going.

I can’t plan out the next ten years.

I can only plan July. So here’s my plan:

  1. Use Camp Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) to really push myself to finish “The King.” I can’t polish the first books until I know how the story ends. And it does no good to have the best publishing company in the world if I don’t have a manuscript ready to publish.
  2. Clean 15 minutes every day and call it good.
  3. Work a lot, and socialize a little.

Remind myself that I can finish in July. Even working full time, I drafted the entire prequel of “The Coming” in two months. All I did for a week or so was work and write but I may have to just do that again. Focus. Just focus on the one (or two) things.

My stomach kind of hurts already typing this. My stomach has been hurting for about two weeks from stress. But if I’m doing this many things and getting them done, what could I accomplish with laser focus on just one thing at a time?

Finishing a series, that’s what.