The Beauty of a Shattered Plan

books-2447391_1920Our lives are like roses. Our petals unfurl, open, and sometimes drop away one by one. That’s what my life felt like last year. This year it feels like a tornado passed through, scattering my petals and strewning them in all directions. I’ve got nothing together. There’s a petal here, another retrived there. I gather a handful, then drop five as I reach for another. But today, I’m realizing, that’s alright.

Even the petals that have scattered have kept their smell. Some may be doing good lodged in the crack where they fell. Some that were carried off on the wind are perhaps best left be.

That’s the beauty of a shattered plan: you have to pick up the pieces, but you also get to choose which pieces are worth picking up. Your life is never a completed masterpiece. It is, always has been, and always will be a mosaic that is created, changed, and mismatched from the pieces you choose to add.

rose-1340816_1920So add the pieces you love. Recreate the rose or let a new bud grow in its place. Relax, be kind to yourself, and let the petals fall where they may.