Love, Lindsey

Dear Friend,

What are the words inside of your head? The ones you find coming when the TV is off, the house is silent, and your mind is alone? The whispers when you’re about to begin, that make you sit still, immobilized? The offers that come of the things you could do instead, things that gratify for a short time, then leave you feeling empty? The duties you feel to others that take up those moments, leaving none left for contemplation?

Do you know? What are they? Find them again.

Now, look at this collection hovering, scattered around you. What do you see? Hurtful words that stayed in your heart? Doubts because you don’t know where to start? Lack: you’ll fail because you don’t know enough. Fear and anger from when times got rough.

You know what I see?


They’re lies.

You can do this. If you don’t know how, you can learn. If you’re not skilled, you can practice. If you don’t know a way, you can find it. If you can’t afford it, you can save up for it.

And the others? Those, darling, are just lies. That one that hurts so badly is not the truth: it’s a wound you carry, inflicted by another wounded person and inflamed with their own hurt. You’re being here is not an accident. There were hundreds of factors at the time of your conception and you are the one that took. You are unique, thought-out, and created by design.

We all possess a mind, a heart, and skills. We all have a desire tucked inside of us, something we excel at, something that we can offer in a way no one else can. The reason we’re not doing it is because we’re listening to the lies.

recordings-2117786_1920So look again at those sentencesaround you. Are they beginning to quiver, to shimmer, to fade? Tell them why they are illusions. Forgive and release those lies. Banish the stubborn ones. Take back the throne of your heart and your mind.

Because in the end, a lie is a lie. A lie is just an illusion, air, nothing.

Love, Lindsey