My Last Day on Earth

Dear Friend,

I thought about the answer to the classic “If today was your last day, what would you do?” But I’ve never considered, what would I say, and more specifically, what would I say to you, Friend, who may know me very well or not at all.

We may not know each other by name, but our spirits all know each other before we open our mouths. We’ve all felt heartbreak and failure. We’ve all laughed uncontrollably and said silly things we may have later regretted. We all have that one habit we just can’t seem to break, that one thing we delight in doing, that sabotaging action we just keep repeating. We’ve marveled on the same moon, perhaps wished on the same star.

So what would I tell you if this was my last letter?

May your steps be courageous and your heart be bold.

May your mind see clearly what needs to unfold.

May you speak up from silence and mean what you say.

May you feel your heart’s guidance and may God lead your way.

In other words: Be who you are, not who they made you. Take chances on good things, turn your back on the bad. Put down the bottle, the remote, the laptop, the distraction; you deserve better. Yes, you do. You absolutely do.

Find the better, my friend.

Don’t worry. I’ll be here.

Love, Lindsey