Use What You’ve Got!

Dear Friend,

Tomorrow, I begin recording my first audio drama project.

I’ve never actually done an audio drama. I’ve recorded as a voice actor. I’ve created a layered song of my voice, overlapping the songs. This was done about ten years ago. Tomorrow, I begin working with 20 actors and one audio editor to recreate Peter Pan.


Yeah, probably.

Crazy fun?

Oh yes.

This is how I live life. I pick a big project that I have some basis for doing, but includes things I haven’t tried. And then I jump in and figure things out as I go. There are times that my stress level makes my hairs grow in gray. There are moments when I whisper that this was a crazy idea and vow never to do it again.

But you know what? It works out. It looks different than I expect. There are all sorts of things that pop up and try to throw me for a loop. Occassionally, it’s traumatic. But it works. We pull it off. We have fun. I meet new people who step in and show me amazing skills. And the next project I try doesn’t seem so scary because, hey, look at the crazy stuff I’ve done in the past.

I’ll bet inside, you have a bit of crazy too. What are you waiting for? Every project is supposed to be better than the last. If you started out with a perfect project, timeframe, result, you’d have nowhere to go but down for the rest of your life.

So try it. You might realize you’re crazy. And you might find you’re just fine with that. Because sometimes, crazy is really just inspiration, new friends, and fun in disguise.

Love, Lindsey