Suceeding: One Bit at a Time​

Dear Friend,

I have a confession. I’ve been coasting lately, doing only the minimum to get through the day. Housework? It can wait. Cooking? How about fast food? Bed? Nah. Getting up….zzzz. Good habits like running, drinking water, writing? Well, I walked to work, drank a glass of water and wrote a page. That counts for something right?

Of course it does.

But I’ve got big goals and massive changes coming up in six months. I can’t afford to coast anymore. The problem is I don’t know where to start or what to focus on. And just thinking about it makes my brain wilt and suddenly watching the wall is the most interesting thing in the world.

I’ll bet you’re feeling like that too. Maybe you’re not trying to finish a book you’ve been working on for almost two years like I am. But I’ll bet you’ve got clutter creeping into your house, an overwhelming to-do list, forms that need finishing, papers that need sorting, projects that lay half finished, promises you made to friends that are postponed. And your dream. That thing that you’re supposed to do, that talent that makes your heart sing, yet you keep pushing off until you finish X, Y, and Z.

So here is your challenge today. (I’m doing it too.)

Let’s pretend that you are the guest speaker at your dream place. Have fun with this. Is it a TED talk? Your introduction on the Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars? The Emmy Awards? A banquet at your dream job or your real job (hopefully, it’s both!) Let’s pretend that the audience knows and loves you and are fascinated with every detail of your life, eager to hear every last bit. How are you introduced?

What are your achievements?

What are your best characteristics?

What traits do you exhibit that made someone reach out and ask you to come today?

What is your biggest fan telling her friends about you?

This doesn’t have to be what you look like in your life now. This is who you are in your ideal life. This is the kind of person who can spring out of bed early and go at it, without contending. Just have fun with it. I’m giving you permission to dream.

And this doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as long as you like or a bullet list of the top 5 things you’d like yourself and your life to look like right now. Just try it.

Leave me a comment about it if you’d like. Tomorrow we’re going to pick one small step and make a plan. Because I need a plan too.

Love, Lindsey