One Change

Dear Friend,

“Sucess is about doing the right thing, not doing everything right.” – The One Thing

Did you know you don’t have to make massive changes to succeed? Sometimes all it takes is changing one thing in your life. Focus on that one thing and it will make a difference in all kinds of areas. So what is it that you really want to do? What is that one action on your list that – if you do it – will get you closest to your goal? Oh, you didn’t do your list? I have a confession. Neither did I.

I mean to, really, but I wanted to write first. And then I realized I still don’t know where to take the story, so I worked on uploading the newly-edited short stories to my website and working on the layout design. I did this for hours until every little thing became irritating and I knew it was time to stop.

But I know my one thing. The best site, most effective marketing and even a laid out movie offer doesn’t do a lick of good for a writer if he’s not writing. Creating my books must be my main focus no matter what I add to the sides. So that’s my habit, right?

Well, sort of. I’ve managed to write at least a page for over a month now. Some days I wrote over 10 pages. Lately, though, it’s been a page, and a floundering one at that, stuck onto the end of the day. I need to type up what I’ve written and put it in context with the existing alternating storyline before I can figure out what events need to be finished up in this book and which can wait for the next. I suspect I’m closer to the end of this book than I realize.

So that’s it, right? My best choice to focus on creating a habit is writing, right? Well, not quite. Actually, it’s getting up early. I know from past experience that when I get up early my whole life goes better. I know I write best when I’m not watching the clock, when my phone isn’t ringing, when the rest of the world is still asleep. That’s when I’m most creative and focused.

What’s yours? When are you at your peak focus? Is there a root habit you can develop that would help your main goal, as well as every other? I can’t tell you what yours is because I don’t know what your goal is, but I’ll bet you can find it. Then, focus on that goal. For myself, I know when I have “extra” time I gravitate toward writing and finishing up odds and ends I put off when I’m rushing out the door.

So this is my new focus.

Awake at 5:00. Begin writing or typing up my story at 7:00 or earlier. Everything else is flexible. If I need to exercise to stay awake, I can. If I want to read between 5:00 and 7:00, I can. I’m just getting the framework in place. There’s time to build the house later.

What are you building? I believe in you. We can do this together.

Love, Lindsey