Living on the Front Row

Dear Friend,

“What’s your front-row moment?”
The text came from Nate and it just made me blink. Front row…. I remember him talking about that from a book or conference back when we used to set goals every Monday morning. Those days are kind of hazy now.

“I don’t remember what that means,” I text back.

I’m not ashamed to admit it. Lately, my brain feels like it’s in the twilight zone, going from one project to the next. I pick up the phone to answer someone, run into a glitch, set it down and never send the reply. I’ve got myself together but only for the day. Now I do this, now I do that. Then life comes along and throws something completely unexpected at me and the momentum I had falls apart. It’s Monday, then the weekend and I have no idea what happened.

“The best moment of your day,” he replies. “You can find a front row moment even in the normal or bad days.”

I blink again, trying to sort out which things I actually did today – or was that yesterday. But you know what?

Nate’s right. You CAN find good things even in the most normal, or dare-I-say bad days. So there’s your challenge and I’ll take it a step further. Let’s play Pollyanna. Say your complaint. Go ahead, get it out – and then add a “but.”

Like this: I’m swamped with all these crazy things that are stressing me out and piling up – but I’ve got a whole morning off to do them. Or “but I live in America where I have the freedom to do them in the first place.” Or “but I was the one who added them to my life in the first place, which means I’m the one who can remove them if I need to.” Or…. keep going. I don’t know what your pressing crazy is, but you do and you can find the perfect “but” to give you the courage to get started on getting it done.

So thanks, Nate.

What’s your front row moment? You can do this, my friend. It may not be easy but I’m right here, doing it with you.

Love, Lindsey