You Have More Than You Know

Dear Friend,

If you’re like me, you have a dream. Maybe it’s even more than a dream. Maybe you a plan, ideas that have fallen into place as you’ve gathered them over time or woven them together in a few days of entreprenurial inspiration.

If you haven’t, let me tell you what it’s like. It’s like having a mind of swirling ideas and not being sure where to start. Then you start writing things down and there’s just so much. Your heart starts slowing. Doubts creep in. How in the world can you pull this off with the limited resources you have?

Then you start grouping things together and really looking at things and you realize – you need help. But you actually need fewer people than you first expected once you organize the tasks together. And you get excited.

This is going to work. You don’t know exactly how, but you know that once you get it going – it absolutely will work. And then you start looking at your time and your resources and the ratios of the combination you have and you start doubting again. But, when you focus on your one thing, you find that step is easy and doable.

And then the key falls into place: Your dream builds slowly – and it should. Because as it grows, you grow. And you’re looking high right now and feeling so small – but you’re looking years into the future. That’s years of experience, trial and error, and gaining courage inch by inch. Right now, you can handle the life you’ve created.

And that’s going to be true, no matter how big you build your life. So build it, my friend. Don’t let the you of today cheat you out of the you of tomorrow.

Love, Lindsey