I’m Giving Hope to a Harvey Victim

Buy a Book. Save a Dream. When Harvey hit, I fled my home before anyone thought it would be that bad. I thought my house might handle this hurricane as it had so many others – but right on the coast, I was going to get slammed and possibly flooded. In another part of Texas,…

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Tell Me Your Story

know you’re busy. I know you have people who need your attention. I know writing is tough, that plotlines evaporate, you take false turns and forget where you were taking a sentence. I know, because I’m a writer too. I’m tired. My head hurts. I don’t know where to take the story next. I have all the same difficulties that you do. Guess what? We’re not alone over here. 

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Love, Lindsey

Now, look at this collection hovering, scattered around you. What do you see? Hurtful words that stayed in your heart? Doubts because you don’t know where to start? Lack: you’ll fail because you don’t know enough. Fear and anger from when times got rough.

You know what I see?


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