Defining Yourself

Dear Friend, “So what do you do?” “Whatcha been up to lately?” “So what do you do here all day?” The questions are harmless. People are looking for conversation and common ground. But has that question ever stopped your brain, as you struggle to find an answer? It usually comes out like, “Oh, not much.” And…

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Tell Me Your Story

know you’re busy. I know you have people who need your attention. I know writing is tough, that plotlines evaporate, you take false turns and forget where you were taking a sentence. I know, because I’m a writer too. I’m tired. My head hurts. I don’t know where to take the story next. I have all the same difficulties that you do. Guess what? We’re not alone over here. 

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Love, Lindsey

Now, look at this collection hovering, scattered around you. What do you see? Hurtful words that stayed in your heart? Doubts because you don’t know where to start? Lack: you’ll fail because you don’t know enough. Fear and anger from when times got rough.

You know what I see?


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Finding Hope

In the end, I believe that no matter how dark your world is, you can always walk into the light.

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